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Capturing the little things—the glint in the eye, the warmth in the coat, the eager smile, the strength and the softness—that make your pet special is what matters to me most. In every portrait, I want their personality to shine, a reminder of just why they're so loved.


Oil is the medium I prefer because it offers the depth, richness and texture that let me bring out the feelings in each image. Inspired by impressionists and abstract expressionists, my work features visible brushstrokes and heavy impasto. 


In addition to pet portraiture, I also paint people. I prefer depicting freer, more candid pictures than stiff poses. Once again, emphasizing the emotion behind an image—and conveying the meaning of a relationship—is my goal.


Portraiture is a unique, intimate way not only to render a moment in time but to express all the love and personal history behind it.

BIOGRAPHICAL NOTE: Maria Lissandrello lives on New York's Upper West Side, where she frequents The Art Studio on West 96th St. She is also a writer, passionate traveler and has been known to whip up a mean pasta carbonara.

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